Hello everyone at Erko! 

Owners and tenants alike are welcome to participate and be involved with everything going on
Why not join a group?
 Community (for matters not overseen by the Strata Committee), Social, Gardening, Building Issues, Communications 
Find out more on the FaceBook page (link above) or at the get-togethers

Volunteers who represent owners form the Strata Committee. They aim to operate in a professional and
transparant manner, looking after all residents, including tenants. The SC holds quarterly meetings and you're encouraged to submit ideas - think about including supporting research, so adoption of your plan is more likely: [email protected]

There's a summary of the minutes from the 2017-2018 AGM on the Documents tab  

For local newsy articles about Erko Apartments, residents and the local area, have a read of our occasional Newsletter

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